Author: Philippa Bernard

Eric Estorick (1913-1993)

Eric Estorick
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Trust Founders

Eric Estorick was the owner of the Grosvenor Gallery in London, who frequently visited eastern Europe in search of works of art from Russia and the communist countries.  He was approached in Prague by Artia, the Czech government department which controlled the sale of such items Read More

Ralph Yablon (1906-1984)

Ralph Yablon
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Trust Founders

Ralph Yablon, after many years as a practising solicitor, developed a wide range of commercial and academic interests, and was also a prominent philanthropist.  He was a founder member of Westminster Synagogue, and he and his wife Phyllis were close personal friends of Flora and Harold Reinhart. Read More

Chimen Abramsky (1917-2000)

Chimen Abramsky
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Trust Founders

Professor Chimen Abramsky was a distinguished scholar of Hebrew language and literature.  He was appointed Goldsmith Professor of Hebrew and Jewish Studies at London University and a Senior Fellow of St. Antony’s College, Oxford. Read More

Frank Waley (1893-1987)

Having served with distinction in World War I, where he earned the MC, Frank Waley was a founder member, first Chairman and the second President of Westminster Synagogue. He was also the Chairman of the Memorial Scrolls Committee (as it was then known). Read More

Constance Stuart (1915-2003)

Constance Stuart was born into a strict Presbyterian family. She became a close friend of Rabbi and Mrs. Reinhart, converting to Judaism at the West London Synagogue. She moved to Westminster as a founder member and after many years as Treasurer became the first woman Chairman. Read More

Ruth Shaffer (1910-2006)

Ruth Shaffer was born in Warsaw, the daughter of the Yiddish writer, Sholem Asch. She lived in Europe and America, before settling in London, where she and her husband joined Westminster Synagogue. Her friendship with Rabbi Reinhart led him to invite her to help with the increasing workload of the Scrolls organisation Read More