Challenging: exhibitions and events accompanied by educational materials

Challenging: Exhibitions and events organised and educational materials published


As we develop our work for the 21st century, we note a new imperative to use the scrolls – and their story – to stand in place of the passing generation of survivors, as witnesses to the Holocaust.

With our scrolls spread across the globe, we believe that this will be most effectively achieved in partnership with our host communities. Our strategy is therefore to help these host communities to maximise the impact of their work with their scrolls.

To this end, we need your support to:

  • Ensure the continued efficient management of the collection inspiring a new generation to engage with the Trust, so that communities that benefit from having Czech scrolls make the most of the opportunity, and where communities merge or close, or scrolls fall out of use, they are redistributed effectively
  • Create a travelling exhibition and an education pack for schools, and congregations, using the journey of the scrolls to teach about the Holocaust and the survival and regeneration of European Jewry
  • Construct a modern, interactive educational resource online, to help host communities learn from each other and spread best practice

The Trust has given these scrolls a second life”

Ivor Connick
Founding Trustee, Memorial Scrolls Trust

In the fifty years since their arrival in Britain, the Czech scrolls have brought new life to new Jewish communities, and provided unique ways to remember and heal shattered communities and bring together people of different faiths.

Now we need your help to continue this essential work and give it new momentum as we look to the next fifty years. We thank you in anticipation of your support.

To learn more about the work of the Memorial Scrolls Trust, understand more about any or all of the proposed projects above, contribute your own ideas and become directly involved in our work, please contact the Chair of Trustees, Evelyn Friedlander, on 0207 584 2754.

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