Important Article Just Published re the History of the Czech Scrolls


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The MST is delighted to share with all friends the news that in the latest issue of the scholarly  journal Judaica Bohemiae LI-2, published by the Jewish Museum in Prague, there is a fine article by Magda Veselska about the museum during World War Two.  On the JMP website it notes that her study:

“is based on detailed research by Magda Veselsk√° and examines how the Prague Jewish Museum’s extensive collections were put together during the Second World War, how the Central Jewish Museum operated during the war, and what role was played by Prague Jewish Community employees in connection with its creation. This paper also focuses considerable attention on the important question of how and when the ‚Äėmuseum of an extinct race‚Äô slogan first appeared, which to this day is still often regarded as a historical fact. ”


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