A Visit from the Abbey Centre


Community, Education



The MST was delighted to welcome a half-term group of adults and children from the Community Association at the Abbey Centre in Westminster for a tour of the museum, and the opportunity to get to know each other over some refreshments.

At the instigation of Tania Faraj from the Health and Wellbeing Project, and working together with Nick Young, the Director of Education at Westminster Synagogue, our visitors were able to learn about Judaism in the sanctuary with Rabbi Thomas, and hear the story of the scrolls from Rabbi Ariel, Nick and Rabbi Thomas.

The children asked some soul-searching questions, e.g., why did Abraham pick Isaac over his older brother Ishmael, and are only Jews allowed in our heaven? We had an excellent discussion, each teaching the other about our own religions, whilst nibbling on the most delicious biscuits.

The Abbey Centre is a great local resource for the borough of Westminster, and the MST hopes to stay connected as part of the local community.


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