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¬†When a Memorial Scroll is entrusted to a congregation on long term loan, it is on the understanding that the congregation makes a long term commitment to give this Memorial Scroll a prominent and meaningful role in the spiritual and educational life of the congregation.¬† This requires the rabbi and the leaders of the congregation to pledge to dedicate one Shabbat every year to the Jews of their Memorial Scroll ‚Äď the people, their community, their fate and their heritage.¬† Each Scroll is a messenger from a martyred community that depends on its new community to ensure that their heritage is cherished as well as their remembrance as individuals.

Conditions of Loan

The Czech Memorial Scrolls remain the property of the Memorial Scrolls Trust while they are on long term loan to the designated recipient institution to which they are allocated.   It is the policy of the Trust to issue Scrolls only to institutions and not to individuals. It is a condition of the loan that they revert to the Trust in the event of the closure or merger of the designated organisation to which the Scroll is specifically allocated.  In the event that a recipient wishes to transfer a particular Memorial Scroll to another party, the Trust must be informed, so that it can consider whether to sanction the transfer or to reclaim the Scroll.

The conditions under which a Scroll is issued on loan are:

1.  The Scroll is the property of the Memorial Scrolls Trust.

2.  The Scroll is issued exclusively to a designated congregation or institution on long term loan, on the basis that the loan will normally be renewed every five years with no cost implications provided that the status and identity of the recipient remain unchanged and the Scroll can be shown to be playing an ongoing  prominent and meaningful part in the religious and educational life of the original recipient.

3.  The  recipient must provide the Trust with a condition report every 5 years.

4.  The Scroll may not be transferred to any other organisation, and must be returned to the Trust in the event of the closure or merger of the designated organisation.

5.  Where a Scroll has been loaned to a museum, it should be placed on display. If it is kept in storage for a prolonged period, it should be returned to the Trust.

6.  The recipient is responsible for the safekeeping of the Scroll, and for its condition.

7.  The recipient must arrange and pay for any repairs or restoration that may be necessary while the Scroll is in their care.

8.  Before any repair or restoration work may be undertaken on the Scroll, advance notice must be given and permission needs to be granted by the Trust. The specified work must be undertaken only by or under the close supervision of a nominated certified scribe approved by the Trust.

9.  Where the Etz Chayim are replaced, the MST brass plaque with the Scroll’s identification number must be preserved and reaffixed on the upper surface of the lower right hand disc of the new stave. Any discarded elements (pieces of Etz Chayim or parchment)  remain the property of the Trust. The Trustees must be informed of the details, so that a decision can be made whether to reclaim the elements or authorize their disposal.

10.  Under no circumstances whatsoever may the Scroll be buried. If  a synagogue considers that the condition of a Memorial Scroll is no longer acceptable, The Trust should be contacted so that  arrangements can be made for the return of the Scroll.

11.  The certificate of origin that came with the Scroll must be framed and displayed in a prominent position near the Scroll. If the certificate cannot be found, then the recipient must contact the Trust to arrange and pay for a replacement.

12.  The recipient must maintain adequate insurance against normal risks, and the Trust’s ownership of the Scroll must be endorsed on the insurance policy.

13.  The Scroll may not be unrolled in its entirety for any reason except that which pertains to its upkeep.

Memorial Scrolls Trust

May 2013