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The Czech Memorial Scroll Check List

Twenty things that your Scroll Congregation can do to build the bond with your Memorial Scroll

1.             Where does your Scroll come from ?  The brass plate on the roller disc will give you the Memorial Scrolls Trust Number, and you should also have a certificate giving the name of the Memorial Congregation.

2.             If it is an Orphan Scroll, go through the list of Orphan Congregations and choose one.

3.             Find where the Jews of your Memorial Congregation were deported from, and the deportation dates.

4.             Find out the names of the Jews of your Memorial Congregation by getting the Transport List, and ask members of the congregation to adopt individuals from your Transport List.

5.             Dedicate one Shabbat in the year, around the time of the deportation, to honouring and remembering the Jews in your Memorial Congregation in a specially designed service.

6.             Include a prayer for the Jews of your Memorial Congregation in the Yom Kippur Memorial Service, and mention the names of up to ten families.

7.             Mention that you are using your Memorial Scroll every time when it is used in a service.

8.             Find out what you can about the heritage and Jewish history of your particular Memorial Congregation.

9.             Contact other Scroll Congregations that have Scrolls from the same Memorial Congregation, and find out what they know and what they do, and if there is information that you can share. Some congregations have done a lot of research already, and this may help you to make short cuts.

10.           Try and find survivors from your Memorial Congregation, or find local elderly residents in your MemorialTown who can tell you something about what they remember of the Jews in that town.

11.           Include the story of the rescued Scrolls and what happened to the Jews of your Memorial Scroll and its congregation in your religion school syllabus :

Where it is from

How long Jews lived there.

Find the names of the children in the Transport List, and their families.

Find out what happened to the Jews when the Sudetenland was handed to the Germans

What it was like being a Jew under the Nazis
12.           Write about your Memorial Scroll and its congregation in your magazine and feature your Memorial Scroll and its story on your website.

13.           Send out spies to visit the town and take photos to show the congregation what your MemorialTown looks like, and what is left of its Jewish heritage

14.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Make contact with the local town council, the local town museum and the local schoolteachers.¬† In some towns there is a local group that is already researching the town’s Jewish heritage.

15.           Work out how to keep a Jewish presence in the town.

16.           Decide how you can build a relationship between your Scroll Congregation and the Memorial Congregation from which your Scroll comes.

17.           Take a party to Prague and visit your MemorialTown to show that there are still Jews who care about the Jewish heritage of the town, and the preservation of its remaining Jewish sites.

18.           Feature your Memorial Scroll in all barmitzvah and batmitzvah services, and involve the Kabbalat Torah class.  Ask confirmees to pick one of the lost children for special attention.

19.           Include your Memorial Scroll and its congregation in Holocaust Memorial Day events and on Yom Hashoah

20.           Feature your link with your Memorial Scroll and its story in any activities that involve contact with the local non-Jewish community