An Introduction to the Trust by Evelyn Friedlander

Introduction to the Memorial Scrolls Trust

The Trust

Evelyn Friedlander, Chair of the Memorial Scrolls TrustAs soon as I saw the scrolls, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the Trust. In those early days, the racks of scrolls lay as if in a morgue and no one could view them without weeping. And yet my immediate response was that the work of the Trust was the most perfect response to the Holocaust I had ever encountered. Yes, it had come out of the Holocaust but something positive and practical had emerged from that terrible history.

In their quiet way, the scrolls are a living proof of survival and continuity and we now need to prepare for the next generation to expand and develop our work. As the successor to the Trust’s much-loved first Director, Ruth Shaffer, I have the privilege of taking it forward. We want to build on the precious legacy of those who laid the foundation stones of the Memorial Scrolls Trust, even as we continue to reach out across the world.

E P Friedlander

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