Ralph Yablon (1906-1984)

Ralph Yablon

Trust Founders

Ralph Yablon

Ralph Yablon, after many years as a practising solicitor, developed a wide range of commercial and academic interests, and was also a prominent philanthropist.  He was a founder member of Westminster Synagogue, and he and his wife Phyllis were close personal friends of Flora and Harold Reinhart.  He had been instrumental in finding a permanent home for the congregation at Kent House, and with others helped to finance its purchase.

His first reaction to the information he received about the scrolls was to seek guidance from Rabbi Reinhart, and together they determined to pursue the  matter and to take on the awesome responsibility for the scrolls.  Ralph Yablon duly purchased the scrolls and donated them to Westminster Synagogue.  In due course the Czech Memorial Scrolls Trust was created to take over the formal responsibility for the scrolls.

Ralph Yablon was a Trustee and provided further financial support, until his death in 1984.

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